Donemus will be publishing 'Sonatina' and 'Bop Toccata' this Spring

Donemus will be publishing 'Sonatina' for two oboes and piano (2017/'18) and 'Bop Toccata' (2018) for cello solo this Spring. A special arrangement of 'Sonatina' for the Colori Ensemble will also be published. Both 'Bop Toccata' and 'Sonatina', in the Colori version, will be recorded this Spring. The cd releases are due Fall 2018. Donemus is interested in publishing my upcoming opera as well, but hey - let's take care of the composing bit first!

Two upcoming cd releases!

This spring two cd's featuring works of mine will be recorded, the release of both being due fall 2018. The Colori Ensemble will be recording an arrangement of my 'Sonatina' (2017/2018) and Wytske Holtrop will be recording a new cello solo piece called 'Bob Toccata' (2018). Looking forward very much to being part of the process! The cd's will be the product of a cooperation between the Aliud Label and the Frysk Muzyk Argyf.

Fries Kamerorkest sinks teeth in 'Saga'

The Frisian Chamber Orchestra will be performing the prizewinning orchestral piece 'Saga' (Akoesticum Prize and First Prize during National Youth Orchestra Competition in 2015) in November 2018: Saturday November 17th in Leeuwarden and Sunday November 18th in Surhuisterveen. I'm looking forward to hearing this work performed once again. FKO - enjoy!

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