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Nice reviews for 'Sonatina' and 'Bop Toccata', recently released on two cd's

Two of my most recent works were released on two separate cd's this Fall: Sonatina, for Flute, Oboe and Marimba, performed by the Colori Ensemble and Bop Toccata, for Cello Solo, performed by Wytske Holtrop.

The Leeuwarder Courant on the two releases: "Both works reveal fresh insights and daring structures and are performed with lots of flair." Earlier classical magazine Klassieke Zaken wrote about the "playfull, transparent Sonatina for Flute, Oboe and Marimba by Sipke Hoekstra", on the Colori-Release. About the 'Bop Toccata', Klassieke Zaken wrote "attractive mix of modern and baroque forms."

Nice. Both works are published by Donemus. Both cd's are available here (Wytske Holtrop or/and Colori Ensemble) or on Spotify.

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